Watch your chosen game on one of our plasma LED TVs or our big screen

On Monday's, due to the Pub Quiz, the screening of football games will be limited.
Tuesday20:20Finland v Switzerland
Wednesday21:00Atalanta v Leverkusen
Thursday16:00Ice Hockey World Cup QF
20:00Ice Hockey World Cup QF
20:30Bochum v Dusseldorf
Saturday14:20Ice Hockey World Cup SF
16:00Man City v Man Utd
18:20Ice Hockey World Cup SF
20:00Kaiserslautern v Leverkusen
20:30YB v Winterthur
Sunday16:00Leeds v Southampton
20:20Ice Hockey World Cup Final
Please be aware that games are allocated/shown on a first come/first served basis.
Feel free to contact us for any unlisted games.